Two weeks of blogging

I'm now about two weeks into this blog and in some ways it's been everything I thought it would be and in others it's been quite different. The feedback I've received has been mixed...which in not surprising given the subject matter is not interesting or applicable to most people. The good news is that the people I really want to like it (church staff, ministry, and Christian business folks) have given me great feedback and I'm encouraged by their responses. Below are five things I've learned over the last two weeks...

  • Blogging is fun - I expected I was going to enjoy it but I'm surprised that it's become a mild obsession. My wife will attest to all of this.
  • Blogging is work - The first few days I was pushing stuff out pretty quickly. After a little over a week I was torn between things I wanted to write about and deciding how to collect my thoughts enough to make a coherent (and hopefully enjoyable/informative) blog post. The writing is easy, it's the thinking that preceeds the writing that's hard.
  • There's a gap - I first heard about blogs almost seven years ago but I've been reminded numerous times in the last two weeks that a lot of people don't know what they are or don't give a rip about them. The dividing line almost every time has been generational. I'm not exactly sure where the cutoff is but it seems like in general anyone above the age of 40 has had less awareness, understanding, or interest in this sort of thing.
  • Blogging takes time - I've seen this happen on two fronts...first it takes time to write a post most of the time. The average post takes me 45 minutes to an hour from start to finish. Secondly, I've seen that it's going to take time before many people will read it. So far the largest number of people who have read my blog in a day is only 16 according to my stats. In time I hope it will be 1000 times that many...but it will take a little while...and this is my own little microexplosion experiment.
  • This blog is needed - I've continued to look at blogs and websites that talk about church outreach, church marketing, Christian marketing, new ways to reach the world, new ways to reach your community, etc. and I still haven't found anything that combines the web 2.0 trends with a Christian worldview like this. I will, therefore, press on.

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